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Giving the gift of sight and sound. Opening the doors to entertainment.

Open captioning sign language

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Transform your visit to the theater with access to visual and audio aids that will unlock the sights and sounds of the theater. With accommodations like open captioning, C.A.R.T, audio descriptions and backstage tours, you will enjoy an immersive theater experience like none you've had before.

Theater Visits

Museum Tours

Coming soon, Access Virginia will offer guided museum tours for the blind community. Meet art lovers just like yourself as you explore the halls of our cities' most notable art museums. Plus, learn fun facts and insights about the artwork that draws thousands of visitors each year. 

Women Looking at Art
Dynamically Able Kids Play at theatre

Artistic Programs

Explore your artistic side. Join our adult or youth programs for the blind and hard of hearing and build the skills needed to up your performance game. Whether it's private lessons or group theater workshops, you're guaranteed to have fun and develop your communication and acting skills. 


Access Virginia is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was created to provide open captioning and audio description at live theatrical performances so that Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Blind, Visually Impaired persons can attend performances and experience the wonder of live entertainment at public facilities.  Access Virginia will work to expand accommodation services to other public venues.

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Article 1

Peninsula theaters open access to deaf, blind patrons in performances this month.

Article 2

Hurrah for effort to aid blind theatergoers

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