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Leverage our audio and visual services to unlock the sights and sounds of the theater. Get a sneak peak into the director's artistic decisions with insight into body language, facial features, costumes and plot analysis. Plus, join us for exclusive backstage tours with the cast and crew where you'll get to touch and see the costumes and props up close.

Man Teaching Open Captioning Program

Open Captioning

Open Captioning is a speech-to-text display to provide a simultaneous transcription of dialogue, lyrics and a description of environmental sounds for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing used at performing arts venues for scripted plays, displayed through an LED Board.​ This service can be used by everyone for viewing in a reserved seating area.  Open captioning is considered a universal accommodation because it can be used by anyone regardless of hearing impairment, age or ability.

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Also known as Communication Access Realtime Translation. CART provides the Deaf or hard-of-hearing individual with a speech-to-text display in real time. It’s beneficial for people who are Deaf or have a hearing loss and do not communicate utilizing ASL (American Sign Language).  CART is also referred to as captioning.

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Audio Descriptions

Audio Description involves the accessibility of the visual images of theater. Audio describers provide a narration service which guides the listener through the presentation with concise, objective descriptions of scenes, settings, costumes, body language slipped in between the natural pause of dialogue or songs - those images that a person who is blind or visually impaired formerly could only experience through the whispered asides from a sighted companion.

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Backstage Tours

Blind and visually impaired patrons are invited to take a backstage sensory touch tour before the show. The patrons have the opportunity to touch props, costumes, and stage settings on a guided tour. They also have a chance to meet cast members. 



"I can't understand all of the words at time or the people who are speaking  lines. The open caption  helped immensely to help me understand what was going on."


"Audio description helped me understand performance better,

especially when multiple items were on going on stage."


"Thank you for providing this method of communication as it enabled me to be included in the arts in a new way. Captions are critical for those in the community who are not ASL proficient and who cannot get Cochlear Implants. The captions allowed us to engage, also."


"I so much enjoyed the show and never would have been able to understand it without  the captioning! Look forward to attending many more shows with caption in the future!"

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